CAC Services Bulletin Board


Case Review Team Members Bulletin Board


Kitchen and Conference Area

Hallway from our front door

Hallway Display Cabinet

Child friendly forensic interview room. If a child is referred to the CAC for a forensic interview room, this is where Terri takes the child. For small children, we use the table and chairs with coloring books. For older children and teens we use the wicker chairs.

Living room with our little tykes desk that all children love! They can sit down and color, draw, or write a message to their counselor. Some children never want to leave because they love their “work area” too much!

Sitting area for parents and clients that are waiting for appointments. We call this our “living room”.

This large TV captures the attention of every child that enters the CAC! Playing cartoons and child friendly programs throughout the day, the children can grab a bean bag or a pillow and crash on the floor while waiting for their counselor. We also have child size rocking chairs and another desk for children to sit.


The french doors in this picture were brought over from our original CAC. Gave us a little piece of “home”.


This is the view of the new CAC from the road. You can see we have more than doubled in size from our house. We are definitely enjoying all the extra space!


The front of our building was renovated by the city to more match the city hall that we share a parking lot with. This is our New front entrance.

Our sign was moved to our new side yard, where we will have landscaping done soon.

Parents are referred to the CAC by DHR or the court system to complete parenting classes. These classes are also open to the public. We have a parent education room where parents come and watch videos and go over materials provided in their workbook to help them more understand what their child needs from them as a parent.

“Your children will become who you are; are you who you want them to be?”
“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”

Our parents are reminded this every time they come to a parenting class. These boards were left from the original Forest Avenue school.

Another bulletin board in our parenting class reminds parents of the curriculum in their workbooks.


After sessions, some children enjoy sitting down and playing our piano! This is unique to the CAC, in that we are the only one in the state that has one! We also enjoy our director sitting down and playing for us at times.

We are in the process of completing our 21st annual dinner theater! Each dinner theater has had unique art work and program covers. We enjoy having them all posted to see just how far our Dinner Theater fundraiser has come in the past 20 years!

We also have a bulletin board with a collage of photos from plays past. All the way back to the very first play with just 2 cast members, we have enjoyed watching our cast grow to larger numbers each year. Some cast members return year after year, and some are brand new! Thank you to all those that dedicated their January and February to the CAC for Dinner Theater!

Thank you for viewing our new CAC! We are thoroughly enjoying our new building, and all the added space. We are so thankful to have this nice area and a community that continues to support us throughout the year so we can stay in this building. If you would like to view the CAC in person, stop by anytime!